Thursday, August 19, 2010


1. I have dried blood on my shirt. It's Iain's. He fell on the porch and scraped his knee. I put neosporin on it, bandaged it, and tried to be a comfort, but what he really wanted was to be cuddled. So my shirt bears some war wounds.

2. Iain had this for lunch: M&Ms, nothing, grapes, ice cream, ramen noodles. In that order. It took about 1.5 hours to get him to eat. Charles gave him some children's Motrin at 1 o'clock and that helped, at last.

3. It's raining like the end of the world. Just after Iain tripped on the porch, the skies opened up and fell. Across the street, there's a large tree down, and in our house it's all crying, all the time.

4. Iain is in his pack-n-play, not napping, alternating crying with loud statements from Sesame Street ("Mommy! This is your life!").

Wah. I think I need some chocolate ice cream noodles myself.

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