Monday, August 16, 2010

Fountain at Red Butte Garden

In the garden for kids, there are 3 water features. They're planned as a trio, strung together like pearls. As you enter the garden, you walk over a bridge, looking down on a fountain and a waterfall. But this little gem hides in the foliage, and you only really see it when you enter the garden and walk around a bend.

Iain loved the huge wave of water, and only later we realized he was also enjoying the fact that the smaller rivulets (see first picture) were pouring water directly onto his trousers. He was soaking wet and had to change his pants before we left.

The top of the fountain is a living carpet of petunias and bougainvillea. It's gorgeous.

It's getting cooler here, but even so the temps are high and the sun is hot. After about 2 hours in that sun, mostly tromping up narrow, dusty paths, we were all pretty sweaty. And since Iain - for the first time ever - did a lot of hiking himself, he was as hot as the rest. Dipping his hands in the fountain helped (as, of course, did water-saturated denim on his hiney).

More Red Butte to come. It's a magical place, and one I'll be taking all visitors to see from now on.

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