Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anxiety Dream

So I walk into a huge, ampitheatrical, arced classroom. As in, shaped like a boomerang, plus stadium seating. And there are maybe 200 students in there, all talking and stuff.

And I realize I'm supposed to give a pop quiz, but I made no copies.

So I grab a sheet and start picking questions from it. Someone else wrote the sheet. Some of the questions are ok, but I keep forgetting which ones I want to pick. And I write them on the board, so they can all take the quiz, but I realize that most of the board is already covered in notes. They're some other teacher's notes, and it says, "Do Not Erase!" No room for my questions.

Then about 50 more students walk in, all clumped in little groups. They're talking, so that's disruptive. And now I have to give them quizzes. But I'm not sure which questions I already used, and since I couldn't write them on the do I know what to give the new kids?

And they came in late. So should they get 10 minutes, or only 5? I dunno!

AND THEN, in walks my principal, with a set of parents and a member of the Board of Trustees. And they're all: "Teach!" and "Be brilliant and impressive!"

Remember that the room's a boomerang? So I can't see all the students, and they can't hear me. I keep walking back and forth, trying to bridge the middle hump, be seen, be heard...students start walking out.


You'd think I'd get a break from teaching anxiety dreams for the holidays. But you'd be wrong.

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