Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ooo! A box from Uncle Garner. Cars, cars, and more cars!

Yes, Dad, hand them all TO ME! P.S. They're modular. They break down and can be put back together and all interact. Whee!

Time to race. Dad, you go over there. Ok, Ready, Steady....Go!

It's a beautiful, sunny day here. We got up, went for a walk, then cleaned out the garage. Yes. Because that's what people do on Christmas, obvy. Then we changed Iain's sheets, dug out my skiing gloves, and zipped the liner into my trench coat.

We live an exciting life, here. Now Iain's refusing to nap (he just opened his bedroom door and let loose a very loud Bronx cheer), Charles is talking to his dad, and I'm trying to finish a PowerPoint for my lecture on The Plains Wars.


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