Monday, December 13, 2010

Puking, Secession, Zombies. Not Necessarily in that Order

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Ah, Jon Stewart I do love you so.

In other news, today a student brought me an apple pie. And another one brought me cookies. And two more gave me a thank-you for chaperoning: a gift certificate for gelato. I think my students want to fatten me up.

Iain stayed home from school today because he threw up his breakfast. After a droopy morning, though, he took a good nap and had a nice evening. Our fingers are crossed for tomorrow to be healthier.

We're currently hosting Charles' high school roommate, Devin. The two of them have been skiing twice already at Alta and plan to spend tomorrow at Solitude. Devin's ski experience before Saturday? Zero. Devin's plan for tomorrow? Blue runs. In other words, as usual he's a natural. When they're not skiing, they're downstairs playing board games and watching sci-fi/zombie/girl hero butt-kicking movies.

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