Thursday, December 09, 2010


Look, Mom, it's Crazy Thursday!
Thursday. Who knew?

The day started at 2:38, when Iain got up and called for me. He wanted to "play quietly" with me in his room. No. Not at 2:41am, young man.

After two iterations of that, he wanted to come sleep with us. Fine. That meant one hour of him laying right up against me, poking my back with his elbow, then an hour or so of him sleeping like Pippi Longstocking (ie, head at the bottom of the bed, feet by our faces), followed by the last hour in which he cuddled right up against Charles' back and forced his father to the very edge of the bed. At 5:55 I just got up.

Iain to school, me to school, teaching, morning meeting, more teaching, then a lunch meeting with two unexpected revelations, more teaching, and more work. I had to explain to a student that while I am aware that 16-year-olds use the F-bomb, I don't think it's a great idea for him to do it loudly in the hall. He was all, "But it's you, not [the principal]" and I was all, "How do you know he's not in my room, meeting with me?" Doh!

Did I mention that today is the day the students decorate the school for the holidays? They spent 2 hours making an unholy ruckus while duct-taping (yes) strings of lights to the walls. And wreaths. And an entire tree in one hallway. It's festive, for sure.

Then to get Iain, then home. Mischief managed? Hardly!

First, Boris tracked in poo. So that meant a foot bath for him and a Total Immersion Scrub Down for the bathroom. Then it was laundry, kitchen, dinner, laundry, bath time, clean up the guest room for Devin, and bake a cake.

Yes, bake a cake. We have a social engagement tomorrow and I need something to bring. Apple cake, if you must know.

Now Iain's in his room (not sleeping) and I'm finally sitting down, apron still on, waiting for the cake to finish, to switch the laundry, to collapse into a torpor.

I don't know why people complain about Mondays. I'd take Monday back in an instant. It was easy.


Bart said...

I wish I was a working Mum. It sounds so eeeeeasy.

Fiona said...

Yep. Easy peasy. Wanna come be our Manny? You can do it part time, with Tony taking the other half.

bugboys69 said...

We mite just take you up on that. What are you doing in April? And is the snow still good then?

Mwa!! Mwa!!