Monday, December 27, 2010

Look UP!

Iain received a toy helipad with little cars on it. He was showing me the cars, and I tried to take his picture, but he kept staring at the floor. I said, "Look up!"

Uh, not exactly what I had in mind.

He really wants to show you those cars, but they're in his hands, see? So he'll hold them up, but you can't actually see them.

Anyway, more Christmas morning photos to come. We had a nice morning and are having a nice week in general. This afternoon we strolled down to the Post Office (temp: 39! Snow tonight and a high of 34 tomorrow!) and then back up the hill, enjoying a window of sunshine before more weather rolls in.

On Christmas Eve we headed down to IKEA to get lamps for my classroom, and this bedspread leapt into my bag:
Pretty cute, huh? Oh, and the sheets, too.

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