Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today, I Drop Things

Iain has learned to use the salad spinner. He asks to "make salad" frequently. Note that you simply must keep your phone at the ready when making salad. What if you need to call someone mid-spin?

1. My lunch. My entire lunch. Dropped on the floor.
2. Iain's dinner plate (post-semi-eating). I was supposed to put it on the counter in case he wants more later. Instead, I tipped it enough to drop the (ketchup-covered) fork onto my coat/scarf/counter top/floor. Joy.
3. The dishwasher detergent square, half-broken open. Onto the floor, a smear of blue-green goo.


Today was supposed to be about skiing. I was going up to Park City to stand at the bottom of a hill and ring a cowbell in support of several of my students. But Iain woke at 630, cranky and not-quite-right. Then Charles and I woke to yet another day of what Bart and Tony so cheerily call our lurgy. Half-nausea, half-just-not-rightness, no appetite, a sense of disconnection, that sort of thing.

So we stayed in the flats, despite a mid-day text from two of the girls, saying they'd "go faster" if I was there. Oh, the guilt.

He likes to make it spin really, really fast, then lock the top down.

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Bart said...

Synchronicity - I've got the lurgy, too. In fact, someone asked me today if they could use my phone, and I soberly noted that they should do so only at their own risk, as 'it has lurgy on it.'