Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Work

But I don't want to go to bed!

It's been a good morning for customer service. I ordered Prozyme for the dogs at 10am. It just shipped (at 12:45). We went to Smith's for groceries, and helpful staff asked if we needed anything, then knew exactly where the toy cars were. And they had everything I wanted. And there was no line to check out.

Deseret Industries? Parking! Immaculately clean! Tons and tons of used blankets for sale for $1 each (Santa came early for Boris and Juno, who now have deliciously fluffy, warm beds)! The Post Office? Tidy and moving quickly, with a stamp machine that worked great.

Caputo's? We were greeted at the door by a student I know (best friend of Iain's babysitter). We found parking right behind the shop and they had freshfreshfresh local eggs, just like I like it. Iain was such a good boy I had to buy him a little Italian lemon cookie.

Whew! Lots of errands and absolutely no problems. Yay!

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