Tuesday, December 07, 2010


"So, Iain, what will you dream about tonight?"
"What kind of hats" [Fool]
"Fireman's hats!!"
"Oh, of course."

Busy as usual around here. I finally got my hair cut - maybe 3 inches off, with nice deep layers to help it curl. And we have a dentist's appointment for Iain - it's his first so stay tuned for the report.

Tomorrow I will make an appointment with a new pediatrician, I hope. The plan was to accomplish this today, but after ten minutes on the phone giving demographic information

["Can you give me his social security number?" "No. He has one, but I don't have it on me and we're just making an appointment so you don't need that right now." "Can you spell that middle name?" "Xavier. X.A.V.I.E.R." "Ok, X.A.Z.I.E.R.??" "No." etc.]

the young lady revealed that - Oops! - she couldn't make an appointment because Dr. Awesome isn't taking new patients. Grr. We got a referral from another source and will try again tomorrow. After that, I have to beard the current doctor's office to ask for Iain's medical records to be sent. Given that we're moving pediatricians because we can't stand the staff at our current doctor's office...it won't be pleasant, I think.

But my hair looks cute, so that's something.

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