Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Observe. This is what happens when Charles, Devin, and Iain collide.

Charles and Devin went to the game store, see? And when they returned, they had two foam swords. Swords. Can you imagine anything dearer to the heart of a bloodthirsty toddler? No, I can't either.
Iain carried his sword around (as you can see above), not really observing the rules of pretend. I mean, if that were a real sword, and we're pretending it is, then he'd be holding the blade against his neck!

Also, notice what Devin's spelling?

Yeah. Iain spent that week running around yelling, "Chop!" and then whacking or being whacked with a sword. Good times.

Here, Devin is crouched and ready for an attack. Little does he know that the most dangerous of his enemies is...BEHIND HIM! Oh noes!

BTW, in case you worried that we were running low on sweets, we received more cookies today. Our friends Helga and Ed dropped by a beautiful box of biscotti, brownies, oatmeal cookies, Russian tea cookies, etc. And a good thing, too, because we were down to our last two boxes of cookies, one box of toffee, a bag of assorted truffles and a 2lb. box of dark chocolate ganache truffles. Oh, and one butterscotch candy cane. And some challah. And four huge pears.

But other than that, we were running out.

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