Saturday, April 23, 2011

And Now We Are Three

For his birthday last week, Iain received a scooter bike. No pedals, just a lightweight frame for a kid to push along and coast. Iain can't easily push along his own weight (muscles not up to his mass yet) but he can learn to balance on a moving vehicle.

Not that he's learned yet, of course. But he likes it.

Cracks in the sidewalk take a little consideration. Daddy and Iain had to have a conference about how to handle this challenge.

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Lawrence said...

I had never really noticed these pedal-less bikes for kids before my time in Germany, when I realized that every child in Munich was apparently issued one at age three.

I could only assume it was to prepare them for a lifetime of biking around their atmospheric and picturesque city while attired in lederhosen, dirndls, or formal business clothes, regardless of the weather, while deftly avoiding cobblestones, ice patches, and BMWs, and while also tanked up on beer. Very impressive! (Though maybe you should keep Iain away from the beer for a few years yet.)