Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kitchen Island, Part One

Above and below, a series of photos of our old kitchen island. Here's the logic of the new island:
  • Our cooktop was really only useful on the right side. The left is a grill (see below) and the grill doesn't get hot enough to actually cook anything.
  • We researched the cooktop. Turns out it gets terrible reviews everywhere. Ours is 11 or 12 years old, but even the new ones have exactly the same problems ours has. The central vent sucks the flame sideways, the burners are all low-BTU, the grill side can't sear, etc., etc.
  • Replacing the grill side with burners costs hundreds of dollars. And if we did that we'd have...a newer crappy cooktop! Not a good option.
  • But if we replace the cooktop entirely, and get another with a central vent, our choices are 3. Yes, 3.
  • Buying a regular cooktop with a popup vent costs the same amount, but you have a lot more choices. But wait!
  • Blue tile means if you want to tear out the cooktop and put in a new one plus 2-inches of vent, you need to break up the tile and replace the countertop.
  • Oh, wait. The island isn't quite big enough for the vent. So you need to pop out the island cabinet by a couple of inches.
At this point, don't you think the best option is to replace the island? You're building a new cabinet, replacing the countertop, and replacing the appliances. Might as well just go whole hog. Mmm...bacon.

When we talked to our new bestie, Chris, about doing all this work, he started making suggestions. How about undermounting the garbage can? How about a bookshelf on the end of the island? how about self-closing drawers?

Yes! Yes, and yes. Plus a pot-lid holder, mounted pot racks on the wall, and changing the one outlet on the island from underneath the bar (as in: by your knees) to on the side (where you can actually plug something in! Imagine!).

What you see here is no more. It was gone Monday. So stay tuned for photos of the process, then of the finished product. Tomorrow.

Because it's not yet done. Not quite. Almost!

Anyway, say goodbye to the existing island. And get ready for the new island complete with a maple countertop, fully-functional gas range, popup vent, and lovely little bookshelf to hold my cookbooks.

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Megan said...

I'm soooooo jealous! Oh, for the day when I have a decent kitchen...