Friday, April 22, 2011

Nothing But Net, People

We are some kind of busy around here, y'all.

Today, aka a whirlwind: Up at 515 to move Iain into the Big Bed for continued sleeping, then up again and out the door to jump the Jeep. Yesterday when I turned the key - nothing. So today we juiced up the battery, drove our 13-year-old beater over to a Goodyear center, and waited for the bill. $139.00, in case you're wondering. While we were out we bought Sudafed, gas, dog food, and two new pairs of jeans for Iain. And a Batman lunchbox (impulse buy).

Then, after a cup of tea, the zoo. We visited the baby elephant (Zuri), the carousel (Iain rode the peacock, while our friend Meg chose the tiger), and the silver-back gorilla, then headed up to fetch Papa, then back down the hill to give the cat his medicine.

Lunch at Finn's (French dip...mmm), home for quiet time (Don't be ridiculous! Of course Iain didn't nap. But I graded for half an hour so I consider it a success), out to the park to fly a kite (not very successful due to inconsistent windage), back home for dinner, back out to give the cat his medicine (again), to Barnes and Noble for magazines and books (stop me before I sin again!), and finally home for good.


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