Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Changes

Wow. Not just a new kitchen island (Not done yet - pictures to come. Don't be greedy!), but house guests, then new neighbors (Very Special Neighbors), and a big whopping holiday.

Iain's ready. Not tanned or rested, but ready. So are the dogs:

Pillow sharing. A canine tradition in this house since 1998.

Everything else plugs right along. I had to postpone my Civil Rights lecture because my throat is sore. So we watched LBJ be all...Johnson-y instead.* For some reason, my students were particularly struck by the size of LBJ's ears.

The garden grows. It's 60 degrees here, sunny right now but calling for rain tonight. So those tiny seedlings in my raised bed should be happy as can be. This weekend I'm planting carrots and maybe shopping for some more herbs. Oh, and planting nasturtium seeds. I need to call our sprinkler guy, too, and get some irrigation for the beds.

All in all, much to do.

*Example: Images of Johnson picking up beagles by their ears, standing ULTRA-CLOSE to people, and showing off his gall bladder removal scar. That Johnson, he was a funny guy. When he wasn't bombing stuff.

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Miriam said...

Very special indeed. *grin*