Monday, April 25, 2011


Last year I planted two peonies. This one, and this one. Bowl of Beauty and Peche, in case you're disinclined to click.

Today, two more. Monsieur Jules Elie and Laura Dessert. Jules Elie is bright pink, while Laura Dessert is yellow, cupped and frilly in the middle. Both are merely reddish stalks right now, but soon...

Also, we welcome a new raspberry: Chilcotin. With these additions, the path around the vegetable garden is partly framed, boasting four peonies, two blackberries, and a raspberry. Eventually, the idea is to have a living fence, with blooming, leafy, thorny, and tasty plants.


bugboys69 said...

Spooky. We just brought 2 raspberries 1 black currant and one red currant to do the same thing between the decking and the patio. The currants already have fruit on them. Summer, yum!

Miriam said...

We are going that with the grape vines-- sorta. We have the rod iron fence to use as support for the vines. Now, if we could just get the birds to leave the grapes alone so they can ripen on the vines, that would be fantastic... Love the peonies. You know I have a special place in my heart for them. I am hoping that I can get some from Matie again this year that won't die because we will have transplanted them at the correct time (and not the incorrect time, like last year). Matie has one plant that was her great grandmother's that I want a cutting of-- I think that it is a soft yellow one.