Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring and Snow

Yep, snow. These pictures are 2 weeks ago (late March - I'll save you the counting), but the same thing appeared yesterday. Today it's all melting off the roofs and all you hear outside is dripping water.

But spring cannot be denied. She is coming, y'all, and fast. My neighbor's tulips are up though not yet open. Above, the Japanese maple wants to spread some leaves and below the small ornamental cherries don't care about a little snow. Pfft!

Even the roses are getting in on the action. They've got leaves emerging and pretty soon they'll realize we killed all that awful vinca. When they do? Growth-city, people. The whole bed belongs to them, now.

Iain wanted to make footprints in the snow. And he did. Here's hoping that next year he accepts the idea of boots. He'd get a lot more outside time if he'd adopt the whole "warm gear" approach.

In other news, today we bought him some Thomas the Tank Engine underwear. Because hope springs eternal. And what's the point of having an awesome washer and dryer if we can't pee in the bed now and then? Seriously.

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