Friday, April 15, 2011

Kitchen, Part 2

Uh, Mom. Mom? Where's the island?

Oops! It's gone.

Tonight we drove past Highland High and Iain said, "That's my building." "That's Highland High School, honey." "Yes. I will go to Hillannn Hi ummm...when I'm three."

Also, he demanded "Pancakes in a restaurant." So I took him up to the Blue Plate where he consumed a pancake (in the shape of a teddy bear head) and a side of bacon.

I had to convince him to try the little puffs of whipped cream on the pancake. "It's like pudding!" That didn't work at first, but once he tried it he was all over that cream.

The bacon came on its own plate, and when it arrived he said "BACON!" and the table behind him burst into laughter. Then they ordered a BLT, a bacon cheeseburger, and a plate of sweet potato wedges. Mmm...bacon.

So this is what our new island looked like, at first. Three boxes, one on its side (covering the hole in the ground so little boys don't get all up in there).

More pictures of the island as it developed. Coming soon...

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