Monday, October 11, 2010

Can't Take Her Anywhere

Miriam comes to visit. Here's the day-by-day breakdown:

Evening 1: At the airport, I see the father and grandfather of one of my students. We walk to dinner, and on the way a car passes. I hear "Oy!" It's a group of my students, yelling their hellos as they pass.

Day 2: We go for coffee. As we pull into the cafe, we see a friend in the parking lot, walking her poodle. Later, we go for a walk and run into one of my students and her mother.

Day 3: Croissants at Tulie. At the next table is a young woman who works up the hill at Mazza, and to whom I once gave the phone number of a shy friend. Sitting at the window of my students. She's doing her Calculus homework.

Day 4: We go for brunch. Entering as we leave: Susan from Iain's camp. We join the throng to say hello, because she's wonderful.

Last night, after Miriam flew away, Charles and I walked Iain to the park. On the way back we saw our neighbor across the street and our neighbor around the corner (who also works with me).

This is a small town, y'all.

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