Saturday, October 16, 2010

Running, Working, Talking on the Phone

This morning, downstairs, Iain ran through the hallway to the den. He ran. Not his special, patented fast-toddle, but real running. He's 2.5 and that's the first time I've really seen him run.

Meanwhile, his verbal skills remain interesting, if not exceptional. Last night he walked around with an old digital kitchen timer, holding it to his cheek. "No, I won't be home," he said, "I have to work." Then he took up his broom and walked around the living room sweeping and saying, "I'm working. I'm busy working!"

Mom and Dad, of course, are *actually* busy working. Last week was a madhouse of service projects, lectures, discussions and activities plus soccer games and socializing. This week is parent/teacher conferencing, both for my students and Iain. Joy!

So today we're taking it easy. Oh, wait. We're not. We went to the store (Halloween candy!), Charles is killing the Vinca (it's a family trait to have awesome plant-killing skills), and I've been changing all the sheets, doing the laundry, and tidying the kitchen. That bag? What bag? Oh, the bag of grading I brought home? Not now. I'm too busy.

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