Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Father and Son at the Salt Lake

Above, Charles and Iain walking along the (grody) edge of the lake. Iain was totally engrossed with the water, and seemed unaware of the stench. He kept asking, "Is this Tiki Beach?" [for those of you who do not mumble lines from The Backyardigans in your sleep, that's a line from an episode devoted to surfing.]

It was an overcast day. In his navy and denim, Iain looked fairly cute in person. On camera? He's 17:
Seriously, how big does he look in that picture? It's like he went from 2.5 to fully grown in one morning. He still has that toddler face, though. The one that says, "Wha??"

1 comment:

Bart said...

He's lost his little toddler belly! That kid's growing up quickly...

And the shore may have been smelly, but I love that photo. That's one for framing.