Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time To Get Out the Cookie Sheets?

I have a bet going with my students. Here's how it went down:

It was hot, y'all. HOT. For weeks! I was sweating in my twin sets, lecturing away with the lights out and the windows open. I hate to be hot.

Finally, I told the students I'd figured out that there wasn't ever going to be a winter. This whole storyline about skiing and mountains and cold weather was clearly a ruse. No matter what they said, the truth was that we were going to be puffing away in 80-degree sunshine all year.

My students found this amusing. In particular, the ones who are elite skiers thought it was funny. So I told them that since there was never going to be winter, they were obviously not really skiers. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Is it witness protection?" They said no, that they were actually an international super-spy ring. Sure, ok.

But anyway, then they made me a bet. They claim it will snow by Halloween. If it does, I have to make cookies for them. If it does not...they have to make cookies. So either way, the ravenous teenagers get cookies. And me, too.

I wasn't worried. Two days ago, it was 70. Today, it's 65. Tomorrow, 63. So is it likely we'll see snow next week? No! And yet...

Oh. Hm. That's unexpected. I guess I'll need to break out the boots. And the cookie sheets. Snickerdoodles? Chocolate chip? Peanut butter? Shortbread? So many options.

In other news, tonight Iain and I had this conversation:

"What are you going to dream about tonight?"
"Really? What kind of food?"
"Grilled cheese."
"Oh, ok."


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Megan said...

Mmmmmmm, cookies and grilled cheese...