Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tractor! [And Brine Shrimp]

I forgot to mention the number one attraction of the Salt Lake Marina parking lot: a tractor. It was pretty neat, actually, and since the place was deserted Iain got a close-up look. Mrs. C. helped him out, and I'm sure her upstate Kentucky tractor experience helped.

Then it was time to head down to the beach. Iain led the way, with his staff bringing up the rear (as is fitting). Once there, though, we noticed a strange sort of sludge all along the waterline. Below, see Miriam's cutie sneakers and the gritty kitty quality of the sand.

What is that stuff? And why does it smell like rotting fish? Or decomposing brains? Or half-composted guts? Or pickled dinosaur toenails???

That's not sand. Not. Sand. In fact, I think it's

When we first moved here I heard a reference to "brine shrimp." I asked Lawrence, "Can you eat them?" and he looked at me funny. Now I know why.

Gross, y'all.

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Lawrence said...

I ain't eating no brine shrimp. Nein!!! However, they are harvested for use as the primary ingredient in aquarium fish food. So apparently they look tasty to fish. I guess.