Sunday, October 03, 2010

What to do on Saturday

My hands, post Play-do

What to do, what to do...after all, it's sunny, beautiful, and forecast to be 90 degrees. Yes, 90. [In fact, it got to be 92 on Saturday, but who's counting?]

So, of course, on such a day (doubtless the very last day of warmth before fall, right? RIGHT?), one should soak up the lingering whiff of summer. Go to the park. Take a swim. Wear shorts. Bask in the pleasures of toasty skin and shimmering surfaces.

Or not.

You could, like us, dissolve into a flurry of activity, ignoring the weather until 6pm. You could:
  • Sweep the floors
  • do the dishes (twice)
  • do the laundry
  • install a new garage door opener
  • buy libations for an upcoming visit
  • grocery shop
  • make a pot roast (not very summery)
  • change the sheets
  • put away old laundry
  • tidy the closets
  • Mount the new mailbox next to the front door
  • wipe down the cabinets, inside and out
  • make Play-Do from scratch (urgh)
  • upload photos, caption all 66 of them, and then discover that the captions failed to register in the system
  • send a birthday gift to your favorite 3 year old
  • cut back all the vegetation near the sandbox, including an entire tree, chop it all into pieces and load up the yard waste bin
  • break down heads of lettuce into pre-made salad fixings
  • pick up all doggie waste in the yard
  • re-locate most of the tools into the furnace room, arranging them on the peg board for ease of use
It was quite a day. We had to take a short nap (not Iain, of course. Don't be ridiculous!) At the end, finally, we took advantage of the nice weather to walk with Iain up to the park. He was so exhausted by our busy day that he fell asleep in the BOB on the way home and slept right through the relocation to his bed.

Tomorrow? 81, but with rain coming. Monday: 72. Tuesday through Thursday: 65. And the rain that begins tomorrow will stay with us all week. So I think fall has finally fallen, and we're in for some sweater weather. I'm ready.

Seriously - food coloring made me look like Lady MacBeth

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