Thursday, October 07, 2010

Visit From Miriam

Thin posting this weekend (my weekend started yesterday!) because we're enjoying a visit from Mrs. C.

She caught this shot (including the seldom-photographed The Mom) as we left school. Iain played hard, and his shirt shows it. Please note that The Mom switched from her across-the-body, holds-a-ton, lots-of-zippers handbag to Italian Leatha for the visit. That's the kind of special treatment reserved for Mrs. C.

In other news, this week's flavored soda is Meyer Lemon. Last week was Ginger-Lime. I purchased lemongrass today, as well, so there might be a second batch of soda (for comparison, of course) in a couple of days. That is, if I have time in between lipstick shopping and making bread.

Kees kees.

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