Sunday, October 31, 2010


For the last 2 nights, Iain's dreams have been fairly disturbing. He woke, screaming with fear or anger, at 6:40 each morning.

The subject of his nightmares? Being made to do things he does not wish to do. For example, 2 nights ago he woke up yelling, "I don't wanna go potty!!!!" while this morning it was "I don't wanna get out the bath! I want a bath! I no ready get out! I want bath time now!"

Is this genetics in action?

In other news, doesn't that pretty blue mug look nice in the kitchen window? It's full of cocoa.

And it's Iain-sized. He sees us drinking coffee and tea and he wants to "try it!" But he really can't handle a regular mug. Years ago we received these little demitasse cups as a gift, but have never used them.

Until now. Behold: Iain has his brekkie.

Looks just like a diner, huh? Mug of cocoa, waffle with butter and syrup, jammies. Wait. Jammies? Better than a diner, then.

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