Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning, Iain objected to our plan to go to the store. He was whining, and:

Charles: "Iain, I bet you could get Mommy to wait a while if you tell her you love her."
Charles: "Do you love Mommy?"
Iain: "I love trucks."


Just now, reading the Plan Toys catalog (which he loves) on the sofa:

Iain: "Ooo! A crane!"
Me: "Do you have that crane?"
Iain: "Yeah!"
Me: "Who gave it to you?"
Iain: "My uncle. Uncle Garner."
Me: "You know, Uncle Garner has a baby, too. Your cousin Audrey is his baby. Do you think Audrey needs a present from this book?"
Iain: "Yeah!"
Me: "What does she need?"
Iain: "Food!"
Me: "Oh?"
Iain: "She can come shopping with me."
Me: "To buy food?"
Iain: "MmYeah."

Ok. I was thinking more like a doll house, but food's always nice.

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