Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 Year Old Update

Iain visited Dr. Warner today for a 2 year check in. The results were:

29 pounds, a gain of 3 lbs over his 18-month check in.
? inches, a gain of 1.5 inches since the 18-month visit. (37.5? I wasn't paying close enough attention, obviously.)

Those measurements put him in the 55th percentile for height (so long, Sasquatch!) and the 50th for weight. So he's exactly, perfectly normal. Or normative. Or average. Or something.

In other news, Dr. Warner was impressed by his verbal abilities, Iain was fascinated with Nurse Charlene's stethoscope, and she was interested in his knowledge of trucks, bulldozers, cement mixers, backhoes, freight trucks, tanker trucks, tractors, excavators...

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Charles said...

We had him at 34.75 inches at 18 months. Add 1.5 inches and he breaks the 3 foot barrier at 36.25 inches.