Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And That's That

Today, my minions helped me wrap up the semester.

Here's the deal: my syllabus specifies that if a student's cell phone rings s/he loses that day's attendance point. But I'm a big believer in reciprocity. So if my cell phone rings, everyone gets extra credit. All semester, students beg for my number, wish for the phone to ring, etc.

So, naturally, I arrange to have it ring at the end of the term. It's a little gift from me to them.

And today was the day. Charles called during the 11 o'clock class, and I put him on speaker-phone. "Do they deserve extra credit?" I asked. "Well, it's in your syllabus, right?" he said. "Yeah, but I was just saying that if a law goes unenforced it's not really the law, is it?" "So you're going to break your word? You're mean!" They loved him.

At 2:30, it was Mother's turn. On speaker, when asked if they deserved extra credit, she said: "Well, they had to put up with you all term, right?" They roared. I took that as a 'yes.'


Miriam said...

That is awesome. That school will certainly miss you. Congrats on finishing the semester!

Jania said...

What I really said was "Well, sweetheart, they had to put up with you all term." It was the sweetheart part that they cheered for, I feel sure.

Grandmother said...

And it will go down in Kentucky History as a sad day indeed!