Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Did I Mention the Tulips?

Um...yeah. They're nice. I'm definitely doing that again. Maybe not next year, because (you know) I've got some fish to fry. But maybe the year after that.

And when I plant more, I'll be tossing them into a pot and walking away. Because the ones I put in the ground are great. But what a royal pain in the hiney that was. Wow.

By contrast, the whole Pot-O-Tulips thing works like this: you have a pot, see? Then you toss your bulbs in the pot. Then you cover them up with dirt. Then you walk away for...5 months or so. Then you have a tulip freakout.

And you just never know who you're going to meet peeking through the flowers:

Iain story: tonight he watched Thomas the Tank Engine on our bed while I tried to finish a novel. Yes, I was reading fiction. And yet the world did not end.

Anyway, he picked up the phone and pretended to talk. He said, "Exactly. Exactly. Exactly." He said it very firmly.


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