Monday, April 19, 2010

Bjork, Cut It Out!

Comment from a friend in Utah:
"Who knew that in the end times it would be Iceland (ICELAND?!?) that would destroy the global economy with its banks and volcanoes? And that’s not even including Bjork! The Vikings smite Europe (and the rest of us) once more. "
Meanwhile, apparently some British folk tried to re-enact Dunkirk. The French replied: "Non."

Update: Now the Royal Navy is going to fetch British citizens stranded in Y'urp.


bugboys69 said...

A woman on the radio this morning was telling how she got home from France on a tiny inflatable speed boat. Piloted by a guy from Dover who had been making the trip all weekend. So the lucky few are making it back home. I also saw a couple today that had driven back from India via Turkey in a car they borrowed. How the hell they get that back I don't know.

Miriam said...

The Royal Navy has three boats in Spain as well and contemplating sending one to NY. I told Will that it was a last ditch effort to regain it's empire. I laughed and he didn't.... teeheehee

bugboys69 said...

Correction: apparently they flew to Turkey and drove to France rom there.