Sunday, April 25, 2010

Check That Off the List

We finally bought a new washer/dryer set for the Salt Lake City house. It's our first such purchase in a long time (12 years, to be exact), so it took a little thinking, looking, and considering.

But in the end, as with so many things, the deciding factor was customer service at the point of sale. I tried to deal with Sears, but their people could not explain to me why a washer listed as $608 on one screen was actually $730. Bye!

Lowe's was better, except that their online rating numbers didn't match the ferocity of the online comments. They claimed high numerical ratings, but the comments contained one horrible nightmare after another. Worse, they told consistent stories, so it appeared that the machine would break in completely predictable ways. Ouch!

Charles said, "Try Home Depot." Ok. What's this? A nice, well-informed, professional young man who can answer my questions? Reasonable prices? Free delivery? No problem to deliver in 2 weeks to a completely different address from my billing address?


On the long list of Stuff To Do, we can check off: buy washer and dryer, arrange delivery.

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Miriam said...

we love our front loader washer. Let me rephrase. I love it. I am not sure Will knows how to use it.