Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well That Was Fun

Above, for 899, a picture of Iain checking out his fish.

Now on to a pity party. Last night was bad, people. Bad. First, Iain had a nightmare around 1:30. That's not so terrible. But at 3:30 or so the power went out (windstorm). We woke when the house sort of sighed and shut down. No problem. Nothing to do about it, just go back to sleep.

Oh, no. No, no, no. Sleep? The security system would like you to re-think that plan. At 3:45, it went off, loudly. At first, I tried to turn it off by pressing buttons on my alarm clock. Not effective.

Then I got up, peered at the thing in the darkness, and tried to wake up. I switched on the light. No light. No power! Right. Ok, I flipped open the faceplate, and found (yay!) that the system has its own battery-powered lights. I pressed "Off." Blessed silence.

But then I began to wonder: what set it off? Is there someone in the house? Is it the power outage? What effect on the system does pressing "Off" have? What if there's an axe murderer lurking outside? Waiting for me to turn off the alarm? What if???

So I lay there, petrified, for about an hour. That's 4 to 5, if you're keeping track. Then I slept until 6:45, when Iain awoke, refreshed, and demanded some oatmeal.

On the plus side, the orange and pink tulips you see above are blooming in my tulip pot, and they're beautiful. Silky-smooth, fuzzy like a peachy cheek, bright orange stained with a center stripe of pale pink, they make me want to plant a million tulips.

But first I need a nap.

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Alexandra said...

what a crazy night!! glad yall are ok :)

beautiful flowers!