Friday, April 16, 2010

More Lips (and some Bluberries)

Those bits above might become blueberries, someday.

Last spring I planted 4 teensy blueberry bushes. Two died. Wah. But two survived, and happily the two were of different strains. So they can pollinate one another. I won't get to enjoy them, but our buyer might one day pop out of the kitchen and pick some fresh blueberries for his morning cereal.

In other news, the tulip parade just keeps on coming. Above and below, Queen of the Night. She's almost black, the deepest, darkest purple, with cobalt blue streaks inside (you can sort of see that above, but it really struck me tonight). The bulbs bloomed nicely, they're a good size, and the color is striking in the garden.

Another of the recent arrivals is this baby. I'm not sure which one she is, but she's tall, y'all. Like 24 inches or more. And she's got some serious striping.

Iain's latest phrase is "Right NOW!" But it's not as bad as it sounds. He'll sit in the carseat, talking to himself and you can hear him saying, "Right NOW, Iain!" I expect this is something he hears at home and school.

He was scheduled to transition from Miss Donna's class into the 2-year-old group on Monday. However, the powers that be decided he should just stay with Donna since he's only there for another 2 weeks. Why upset the apple cart, right? I only wish he could spend 2 weeks with Callie. Otherwise, I'm delighted to keep him with Miss Donna. The less disruption the better.

More tulips tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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