Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Shoes

Did I mention that the pink dogwood is in bloom? It is. I lovelovelove pink dogwood. Love it. Above, the buds. Below, the glorious profusion of blooms. Two years ago I insisted that we not tear this tree out when we planted a bunch of junipers for privacy. I consider this year's display my reward:

In other news, Iain went shopping with Grandma yesterday. He tried on a pair of sandals that made his feet look hilariously clown-like. But the pair that suited us best turned out to be these:
They're brown suede, with actual laces (tied and re-tied at least 5 times today). But you'd never know that Iain got "newshoes."

In fact, at school he told Miss Donna, and I quote, "Mommy, Grammer, Iain go shopping. Grammer no buy Iain shoes. Iain mad." Uh, dude. You're wearing the new shoes Grandma bought you.

He also came up to Donna as she was making the beds for naptime, patted her on the back, and said "Good job, Donna. Perfect, Perfect."


Hank said...

first, i see comment moderation has been enabled. what if i don't want to comment in moderation?

second, i also <3 pink dogwoods, especially the dark pink ones.

third, i guess i should take your maine number out of my phone now?

fourth, perfect. perfect. i like his style.

Fiona said...

Dude, comment moderation has been enabled for-ever. Evar. Because some peeps aren't moderate.

That Maine number's toast. Delete it.

Do you think Iain could be a bed-making consultant? He could coach people so they feel confident about their bed making skills.