Saturday, April 24, 2010

Excellent, Daddy, Excellent.

We spent much of today packing. I packed glasses. I packed clothes. I packed pictures, books, and toys. Charles packed, too, and we both spent a happy hour shredding.

Ah, shredding. How do I love thee?

So we disposed of a lot of old stuff, and Iain was very intrigued (of course). The sound, the bits of confetti, the Mom and the Dad sorting through things and then destroying them. It was all appealing to a little boy person.

He walked over and asked "Mommy, what you doing?" That was a first. Then, after we explained, he said, "Excellent, Daddy. Excellent."

This has got to stop. Pretty soon he'll be asking us for ontological references. And since I don't know what "ontological" means, that'll be awkward.

P.S. No post last night because I was stricken with a sick headache. I retired to my room at 5pm and emerged at...3:30am. Yay! But I am all better, so no worries.

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Miriam said...

He is like Dexter, the boy genius trying to rule the world. It is a great cartoon.