Friday, April 30, 2010


For two days, we've enjoyed sunny, warm weather. Iain's become a park addict, especially on the slide and the swings. That's about to change. Tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday are forecast to bring torrential rain plus thunder, lightning, and possibly flash flooding. Yay! And just in time for Derby!

But I'm focused on other things. Like lunch. At his new school, Iain will need me to pack a lunch. So I'm looking at lunch boxes (bento, like this one) and thinking about what I'll give him. Bento blogs (such as this one) are full of smart and creative ideas, too. For example, folding a wet wipe, wrapping it in a little foil, and closing the package with a cute sticker. Yes, I could just chuck in a wet wipe package, but where's the aesthetic pleasure in that?? Nowhere.

Tomorrow will be a big day. It's Dr. K's birthday, so we're all gathering at Callie's house for a little soiree. I'm bringing a salad and cannoli. We'll watch the horses do their thing, we'll drink mint juleps (in the rain), and we'll bid a fond farewell to this most charming of Kentucky rituals.


Grandmother said...

Kristie found the best in lunch boxes. They are called Fit n Fresh. Checkt out I found mine at Ross (in Ogeron) and TJMaxx in Lousillve. All sizes of containers, plus lunch bags, plus ice disks that fit into many of the containers. They are terrific! Kristie uses a variety to pack Annabelle's lunch and I pack mine everyday for work.

Margot said...

Oh, I'm soo glad you like ideas I post on my blog :)
Have a wonderful day!