Sunday, February 08, 2009

Does This Make Me A Duchess or Something?

My cousin Molly has just been crowned Miss Goldsboro, on only her second foray into the pageant world! (She won the first time, too. Showoff.)

From here, I guess she goes on to Miss North Carolina. If you check the related article, you'll find that she won Talent and Interview, as well as the overall competition. I remember when her big accomplishment was that if you put her in a laundry basket she'd stand up and try to get out while giggling uncontrollably. So, you know, this is progress.

Congrats, Molly!

[EDIT: I should point out that the laundry basket thing was when Molly was 18 months old or so. That was a while ago.]


Miriam said...

If you are a Duchess, does that make me a Lady? Or Earless? Dame?

Jania said...

Molly is a fabulous person, with wit and looks, as they used to say ( I AM old), and a determination to be a Broadway star.

If we have any Broadway left after all this...

Momma said...

that is so exciting!!!

and it is good to hear she has moved on from the laundry basket stage. There is hope for Sweet pea after all.