Monday, February 09, 2009


Over here, it's been a busy day so far.

First, I had to visit a doctor. This cold is ridiculous. It's like a mealy bug infestation - you throw out everything you own, hire an exterminator, move to three states in 3 years, and you're still wondering when they'll be gone. Anyway, it's a sinus infection complete with lymph node action and some fluid in my ears. Joy! I get to ingest antibiotics for ten days as a reward.

Once done with that, I wrote a letter of recommendation, sent some Very Important Email, and wrote 2 new pages in The Book. Iain is asleep, of course. While he was awake, I accomplished this: picking up a red triangle, cuddling it, putting it back in its bucket, picking it up, etc. We're working on gross motor over here.

All this work required some vittles, so I had a nice turkey sandwich (can't taste it!), sweet pickles (can't taste them!), and two Advil. That's a grown-up's lunch.

Except at Maddie's house. There, the Tiny Lady (tm) eats this:

And Daddy eats this:

Umm...yeah. Really?

[gratuitous cuteness link for no good reason.]


chris bray said...

Dude, our young lady is a year old (in a week!) and she weighs twentyish pounds, and we had lunch with another couple whose four-month-old baby WEIGHED THE SAME TWENTY POUNDS, exclamation point.

So The Dad came home, cooked some peas in about a million pounds of butter, and pureed them, toasted up a waffle, and fed them to our tiny lady. And she wouldn't eat -- gasp! -- so I was modeling like crazy ("Yum! Oh my god, YUM! Ooohhhhh, Madeline, these peas are STUNNING!!!!!"), and I tasted the buttery peas. And I was all, like, daaaaaaamn. They tasted like, you know, butter. Lots and lots of butter.

So, yeah. I had pureed peas and waffles for lunch. Like I say to Ann pretty much every day, I want to be our child. She lives large.

Fiona said...


I didn't want to tell you this before, but Iain weighed 20lbs at 8 months. Or 8.5, I forget. But a while ago. It's not the weight, it's the growth that matters.

I mean, Iain weighed about 400 pounds at birth, right? Seemed like it. So his growth doesn't really *count* like Maddie's does.

Your young lady is perfectly perfect.

SarahHub said...

What is it?

And chris bray should not feel bad about his daughter's weight. Evie is 2 and only weighs 22 pounds, but she is perfect.

We do give her plain butter as a snack.