Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let them be boys

"[W]hat they're doing is playing around with ideas of courage and valor, good versus evil, and teamwork. These are ideas we want to inculcate in our culture."


"However, her sons asked her to play some games with them before she finalized her judgment. 'I sat down and played Halo with them, and while I saw that it's very violent, I also saw that it's a very condensed form of violence… so I started to take a different view about video games: maybe I should be a little less hysterical about them.'"

and, finally,

"Hopefully, by getting society to lighten up a little on these zero-tolerance policies, the academic and creative development of young men might get back on track. 'I think if we don't start thinking about [the issue] a little more seriously,' said Tyre, 'it's not going to change.'"

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Bart said...

I've always thought that the only people suggesting that video game violence created real-world violence are people who have never played a video game. There's no more of a link there than there was between heavy metal and teen suicide in the 80's.

There's a critical third ingredient required for any of these horror stories to come true - mental illness.