Friday, February 13, 2009

New Contestants

Megan's nephews, Lucas and Thomas, hereby throw their hats in the ring for King of Cheek.

As you can see, Thomas is blessed with fluffy Baby Cheeks, while Ben submits to having his cheek measured with a pinch.

Now, I'm not sure we have enough evidence to say that either boy is a challenger for Iain, Emilie, Isla, or Freddie, but they're darn cute, so whatever.

[EDIT: I realize I can't show Iain this photo. He'll say, "Hey - they have a lot more toys than I have. What's that about? MOOOOOOMMM!"]


Megan said...

My nephews DO have an awful lot of toys, mostly courtesy of their doting grandmother, who literally brings a suitcase full every time she visits.

Sorry, I should have mentioned Thomas's brother's name - it's actually Lucas. Ben is their father, so you weren't that far off, though!

Fiona said...

Thanks! I fixed it.

Having 2 kids probably adds toys, too. Iain has toys, and I suspect he's ok with them. I'm bored, though. *I'm* ready for new toys.

Miriam said...

Maybe you need a *new* baby too..... (reverse pressure might work on you)