Monday, February 09, 2009

That's "B" for Bates

Well...hello ladies. I tip my hat to you, Maddie, in your fetching leopard bib. Rrrr!

Yesterday, to celebrate the emergence of the sun, Dad and I hung out in the sunroom. I tried on his hat.

It was ok, but I felt it worked better on the side.

Like this. Just call me K-fed.

Boris also tried it on. I think he looks great, don't you?


SarahHub said...

What a stylish tot!

hscfree said...

I've always had a special place in my heart for Bates. Maybe it's because of Bryant Gumbel or Peter Gomes. Actually, I love the fact that a "Baywatch" hunk in an alumnus.

Miriam said...

Humpf. While driving to work today, a Bates Alum totally pulled out in front of Kelly and me. He pulled out, not looking nor waving to thank me. On the back of his car: Bates sticker. Also Bowdoin. But he has a girl in the car, and they totally smooched in their subura at the light. At 8:45 am, that was so not necessary to see. And I *know* that he had to been in your class. Uh-huh.... totally Lame.

chris bray said...

Tip that hat all you want, but just know this: our tiny lady also hogs the remote.

Chip and Dani Brown said...

SOOO cute! Love the pictures : )

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Daniele Brown

PS- THE MOTHER LETTERS PROJECT is in NO WAY associated with this request other than the fact that I found your blog there!!

Momma said...

what a cutie!