Saturday, February 07, 2009

Seek Help, Isla

Here's Isla with her grandfather, watching a game involving a ball. Note the pink portion. No, the other pink portion. Ok, I'll give you a closeup:

Ok, come on. Who's going to call bull-dookey here? Me. That's who.

Those cheeks CANNOT be real. I think Isla is stuffing her cheeks with gauze a la Brando in The Godfather.

Isla: you're young, and inexperienced. Let me guide you. This level of competitiveness, this willingness to do anything to win - it's not normal. You need to accept that sometimes other kids are going to have awesomer cheeks than you. Please, just take 2nd place (or perhaps third, if Freddie sends in another picture) with grace.

[Anyone want to take bets on whether she starts carb-loading? Yeah, me neither. I figure she'll be eating hotdogs and Hostess Cupcakes by next week, all to grow bigger and bigger cheeks. It's sad, really.]


Baby D said...

Hmmmm, do I hear fear in your post?

Emilie said...

I have to say, the big cheeks do run in the family. I could probably even still be a contender.

Fiona said...

Em: if you got 'em, show em! Otherwise, it's all just talk.

Sara said...

Watch out, now. Freddie's updates coming soon.