Friday, February 06, 2009

So Young, So....Hairy

Many years ago, when Bart and I were young and hirstute, we attended a funny little school in the armpit of SC. As seniors, we volunteered to help younger students move in at the beginning of the year. Thus, we needed nametags (because if you took your kid to boarding school and some freako walked up and started grabbing your stuff, you might not appreciate it).

Bart made our nametags. Observe:

I think the second one was an addendum, since the first one probably didn't reassure new parents much. Obviously, we were super-sensitive back then. I've saved mine, all this time, along with a photo of myself playing a board game. Or, judging from my expression, a bored game.

Does it make me shallow that I look at this picture and I focus on the watch? I lost that watch at the beach, and it was adorable. It's been 20 years (almost exactly) and I'm not over it.

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Bart said...

You only think you lost that watch at the beach. It's been gracing my dainty wrist ever since! Bwaa-ha-haaa!!!

Seriously, I have only the dimmest recollection of that day. Nearly twenty years ago now! Hard to believe. Thank God we're still hot.