Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not What I Expected

For the last month or so, Iain and I have had a little communication problem.

I say: "MaMa. Say MaMa. Ma. Ma. Ma. Ma."

And he replies: "Dad."


But today was different. We were hanging out, listening to the radio, dancing and reading. I decided to change his diaper. So I'm chatting at him to distract him so he won't squirm right off the changing pad, and I say, "Mama. Say Mma. Mma."

And he says "Mohhh"


Until I realize that the song on the radio is Billy Idol's "Mony Mony."


Momma said...

Sweet Pea did that until he was 17 months old!!!!!!!!!!!! lol and now he is 20 months. So I have just gotten used to hearing momma come out of his mouth. :) What a beautiful sound.

Miriam said...

You might be shocked. At the way you all are pushing it, he might just say Callie as his first word.


Fiona said...

It seems like he's learning to say "hi," but I might just be misinterpreting a sigh. We're reinforcing it by replying "Hi!" every time he exhales.

"Callie" would be a good word to learn. But not the first. "Dad" is clearly the first.