Thursday, February 05, 2009


According to MSN, it's 2 degrees F outside.

Inside, I have a cold and am carrying around accessories like kleenex and lozenges. Charles woke up at 6am, sick, and is in bed.

In short: we're pathetic. Wah.


Miriam said...

I will see your sick/pity party and raise you one heat pump. Currently it is 20 degrees F outside, 1 degree F with the wind chill. It is 56 degrees *in my house* and I have the plumbers coming over to once again "fix" the heating system by installing a $800 water pump that will not hum so incredibly loudly that it is driving me and Kelly bananas, and should *exactly* heat the house. In the meantime, I work on something for my dreaded board member.... I think I win that hand...indeed: game, set, match.

Rachel said...

I'm sending some warm hugs your way.

Feel better soon! :)