Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ah, Yesterday

Yesterday, when Daddy showed Iain how to operate the play digger at the park. In the sun. With no tantrums.

Today began at 5am. Iain woke screaming. It took 26 minutes to calm him, including a period of about 15 minutes when he was just out of his mind. After that passed, he sat in my lap while I talked about the mountains and when he was a baby and what his new school would be like.

At 7:30, he woke again. Screaming. Charles took over, while I slept a bit longer. But the screaming was a sign that today was not meant to be pleasant. It echoed the thunder that began at 6 or so. Oh, and the torrential downpour.

Anyway. We had to take the Jeep in for a repair at 9, and Iain didn't want to go. He protested. Vociferously. Then, at lunch, he took a big gulp of hot soup and burst into frantic tears. Then it was naptime.

Oh, no. No, no, no. There will be no nap. He screamed in bed, then he sat with me in the rocking chair, clearly tired, then he screamed in his bed (again). Finally, after Charles tried to settle him, I let him watch Bob the Builder in our bed. Maybe he'll fall asleep. No. I fell asleep, but not him.

Then it was time to retrieve the Jeep. Iain dropped off on the way home, so we let him sleep in the car with Daddy while I gathered our things for our evening at Callie's house.

And here's where the happy ending appears. Iain was fine at Callie's. He didn't eat much and had 2 poopy diapers (!), but he played and he watched the Derby, and he experienced a cannoli, and he ran riot outdoors (getting soaked to his knees). Even when he slipped and fell on the brick path, he shook it off.

Bedtime was late but effortless. So that's something.

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