Friday, July 02, 2010


We've been seeing this lovely, gnarled, creepy tree all over the neighborhood without ever knowing what it was. We want one. It would be very nice in our not-yet-begun Japanese backyard.

I spent about half an hour the other night Googling all kinds of terms. Blue pine, Japanese pine, twisted pine, salt lake city twisted pine landscape, etc. Nothing got me what I wanted.

Finally, tonight, we encountered someone in the yard of a house with such a tree, asked him, and learned that it's a weeping blue atlas cedar. Whee! The one above is huge, but we just want a little one. See a photo here.

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Lawrence said...

A HAH indeed! I've seen those too since I moved to the Utah, and had wondered what those trees were called. The Japanese garden motif would be lovely, and also fits well with all the Victorian orientalist ideas that went into the creation of the bungalow style home. I think my only other suggestion would be some deciduous trees that could offer shade on the west side of the house in summer, but not block the sun in winter. (Just a thought, anyway.)