Friday, July 23, 2010

Extremely Dull, Uneventful Day

1. Up at 6:30am! Prepare for Iain's last day of camp. Hustle Iain and Mother into the car so we can get there in time. Check school-year paperwork with staff, confirm that having just done an immunization record a month ago we need not do it again now.

2. Work out while Iain plays in the toddler playground. While I'm on the elliptical, our acquaintance Kate sits down next to Mother on the recumbent bikes and they chat. This is our new life: you can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know, even though we've only lived here for 2 months.

3. Go up and do Shabbat with Iain. They light candles. They sing. They sip the wine. They do something called Shabbat Frog, where they leap up and say "Amen!" Hmmm...

4. Scurry out while Iain isn't looking, go home, shower, then turn right around and go back out. Get books ("Everyone Poops") for Iain at B&N, go to school and drop off yet another item in my classroom, then run up to 15th and 15th and find that the French Bistro isn't open for lunch. Eat at Mazza instead. Recognize lady at the next table as a JCC habitue, then see her later at the pool.

4.5. Go home, spend 45 minutes on the phone with a woman in LA who needs some advice. Switch the laundry, pack the pool bag, check email, welcome Rob, chat with neighbor-Linda.

5. Pick up Iain, go to pool. Play in fountain ad nauseam.

6. Drive toward home but instead of actually going home, stop in Sugarhouse and check out the Sugarhouse farmer's market. Small, but friendly!

7. Go to Whole Foods. Buy lotion.

8. Go home, shower again. Dress for dinner, cook Iain's supper, switch laundry, greet Chloe, head out to dinner.

9. Dinner with KP. Hilarity ensues.

10. Go to French pastry shop, buy confections (cherry tart! Tarte au citron! Chocolate mousse cake, meringue, baba au rhum plus a loaf of bread), stop at KP's house, get port, fly back up to our house for dessert.

11. Dessert, bawdy jokes, stories about friends, port, water, hug KP goodbye, fold laundry, feed dogs, make bed for Rob....

YAWN....Charles and Rob plan to be out the door at 7am tomorrow to climb. As for me, I plan to be unconscious.

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