Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pool Party! (Bring Your Hat)

Overheard, this morning during the Spain/Paraguay game:

C: You're a vuvuzela
I: No, I Iain!
C: No, you're a vuvuzela
I: No! I Iain!

Yesterday, we picked up Iain from camp (camp ends at 2:15 on Fridays) and whisked him downstairs to the big pool. This was our, and his, first visit. We really didn't know what to expect, because the last time we tried to expose him to aquaculture (last summer in Virginia), he freaked out.

But no. This time he practically flung himself into the water, despite shivering in the breeze. [take a moment to consider this: it was 95F yesterday, but with a dry breeze you felt truly COLD anytime you poked a body part out of the water. These are the oddities of life in this climate.]

He bobbed, he floated with Daddy's help, he wore his hat (!!) and a funny little swim diaper they require. He ate a snack (his lunch leftovers - jam sandwich, nutri-grain bar and cheese). He ogled the girl babies and the older boys behaving like maniacs. In short: he had a great time.

And then there was an "incident." No, we did not cause it. Someone did something bad in the pool. I think it was a throw-up incident, but the life guards were very cagey. In any case, the pool closed, we left, and Iain went home. Yay!

No one got a sunburn. The end.

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